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    We're seeing this more and more
    By Caye

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    The number of ADHD kids in the classroom is seriously on the rise. In my own class I have 3 kids who are on meds for ADHD, one who is supposed to me but whose mom took her off, and two more that need to be really bad. The one whose mom took her off is completely out of control and won't do any work at all. Like your situation the office will do nothing. Thing is, the ones in my room who are on meds still act out constantly and are always disrupting class. As teachers, we cannot tell parents their kids need to be on medicine. We're not doctors. I'm not even sure medicine is the answer. I think for a lot of these kids it's an excuse not to behave. "I can't help it." Seems to be my students' favorite phrase. The parents too act as if their kids can't help it. My question is "what is causing this rise in ADHD?" I know at our school, school lunch is packed with empty carbs. Everything is a sugar or a starch. No wonder these kids can't concentrate when they had sugar coated choco bombs for breakfast, chocolate milk, corndog, fries, icecream, and cookies for lunch. Some of my most hyper kids' moms send candy for snack - HELLO! Many of these kids are at school from 7:15am - 6:00PM. They never get to play and run off their energy. When they are at home they are watching TV or playing video games. They have never been taught how to sit still. What I find is these kids have little to no supervision at home, and simple lifeskills like sitting quietly have never been taught to them. At school, there is too much movement and too many distractions. In our effort to teach every child, and make learning meaningful, we have produced over-stimulating classrooms. Some of these kids desperately need the old desks in rows, everyone working quietly in their seats class.

    Sorry my reply is so long, but as you can tell, I am frustrated too. I feel as if I simply do not know how to teach these kids. Our society is creating kids who are increasingly unteachable.

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