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    Gingerbread activities
    By Cindy

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    Hi- Gingerbread is a fun unit to do with younger kids. Its Christmasy without the religion and Santa issues.Of course you can use the Gingerbread man/boy stories. You can make puppets to retell the story. They can be finger or more elaborate puppets. They can rewrite the story and come up with different adventures for the gingerbread man. This book could lend itself to lessons on hard and soft g sounds. You could make word family books in the shape of a gingerbread man or house. Use patterns from the story man=an family, run=un family...Make gingerbread man shaped flashcards for math facts or create a memory-type game using rhyming words. Create a gingerbread man glyph- Use a large shape g-man cut out on white paper and supply a list of questions. Are you a boy or girl? Draw square eyes for boy, triangle for girl. Do you have any pets at home? yes= glue on yarn hair, no= glue on paper hair. How many siblings do you have? 0=no buttons on his shirt, 1= one button on his shirt.. and so on. You could make g-bread houses using the kid's milk cartons and graham crackers. And of course you can bake gingerbread cookies or bring in premade ones and decorate them.Have fun!

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