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    Ocean Theme
    By Rebecca

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    I did an ocean theme a few years ago. Here are some things I did.

    I put up a sign at the entrance of my classroom that said __my last name__'s REEF
    I made a bulletin board by putting up waves fabric on the lower half of board and light blue for sky on the top half. I put up blue tulle (the fabric wedding rice bags are made from--scalloped it across the board like waves where the sky and wave fabric met). Then I cut out a boat pattern and stapled to top half (above water) with a fishing rod coming out of the boat and the hook going to the lower part of the board. Then I put up fish cut-outs with each child's name. The title was "Welcome to ____'s Reef! It's Oceans Of Fun!"

    My homeworkopoly board had a captain's wheel and banner that said, "Don't Get Shipwrecked! Do Your Homework". The playing pieces were sea creatures cut-outs.

    My computer center said, "Internet Island" and small captions...."get caught up in the net" with fish cutouts on the wall and a net draped over them and "surf the net" with a surfer picture.

    My map was used to track our class pet's(beanie baby) adventures across the US. He was a crab. It said, "Crawl Across America With Mr. Crabs"

    Our schedule was "The Tide Of Times"

    I do a helper a week. This person is responsible for lining us up, turning off lights, handing out supplies, etc. I have a flip chart system with their name--use sea creature cutouts.

    "Behavior Beach" was our behavior board.

    I'll try to think back on what else I had. I might even have some pics to email you if I can find them. They may be on my school computer and I am out for the summer. If I locate them, I'll post back to see if you are interested.

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