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    By Ms. D

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    hmmm, well, raising their hand to participate in class discussions (appropriately) earned their team points. Everyone having all class materials in hand when they arrived earned them points. If they started shouting out and not waiting to be called on, they lost points. She assigned roles and one person was a point keeper. She kept tally as well, but that way, she could say, "I'm sorry point-keeper, but you'll have to deduct 5 points for your team because......" letting everyone in the room know what happens when you fail to come prepared or follow the rules. They could earn points by doing extra credit assignments or researching and presenting related material to the novel. They played jeopardy and all of the points they won were added to their tally - so the winning team got more points, but all got what they earned. We have 27 kids in each class, so she had 3 teams in each class with 9 kids in each group. They made up their own team name and made banners that hung over their section of the room. She put a large poster in the middle of the back wall and put the new tally of the points up every Monday morning. I hope you can use this. The next Survivor starts in Sept. so that may generate some interest for you. Best of Luck!

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