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    By Sue

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    When you take a look at Mexico, remember they have two independence days! In the community I live in in Illlinois, the Mexican Community celebrate Sept. 16, the independence from Spain, more than they do cinco de mayo. Being early in the school year makes for a fun project and sets up things the kids have to look forward to thoughout the year. In the past I have filled a pinata with candy and taken it out to the play ground to break. The kids are warned that not every one will get a turn to hit the pinata, and not everyone will get the same amount of candy. They are usually pretty good with this. I have been able to buy them Mexican candies, but since they are not very sweet, the kids in my class dont like them very well. If you want to do the food, fry up some hamburger, then keep it warm in a crock pot until lunch and fix tacos. Most stores sell flour tortillas and that is what my family likes better than the corn ones. (my husband is of Mexican decent)
    I let the kids look at the art of Diego Rivera, and one year we made construction paper cala lilys. The lilys are used in many of his painting. Also, if you know how to make tissue flowers, those would work well also. Remember, Mexicans love bright colors, and they are very happy people too.

    One quicker thought on Africa, I tend to study this in February for Black History Month. Stories like Ashanti to Zulu and A Story A Story are good ones to share for this time of the year.

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