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    ecosystem projects
    By Greg Drotar

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    Hello Wes

    I teach an EMR class at a Middle School. Something that we did with the students they really enjoyed on Eosystems was to present the information in a powerpoint.
    We showed this on a TV screen via computer connection. The students took guided notes from the powerpoint presentation.

    As the students took notes they would then write down the name of plants and animals they would see in the particular ecosystem. After seeing the animals they would then get a picture sheet of animals cut and paste and name the animals that were in the ecosystem to their particular ecosystem page. (On the internet their is a particularly decent site with very good animal pictures you can cut and paste to a word document then later copy)
    The sky really is the limit on this though. Your students could make a model of an animal from an ecosystem out of clay. Depending on ability level they could diagram inside parts or outside parts. They could do reports on an ecosystem with picture illustrations. You could do dioramas of the ecosystem; shaping, painting and coloring different landforms in the ecosystem. The students could make animals or even get little plastic farm animals and glue them into the diorama. How do people fit in? Maybe they put a mini house on the diorama.
    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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