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    class money
    By Betsy

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    This is an idea I adapted from Krissy (aka) Buzy Bee. (Does anyone know what happened to her?) My classroom theme is racing so I printed classroom money called Crew Bucks. I simply used a business card template on my computer and pasted clip art of a race car and four dollar signs. If a student ends the day on his blue card (no cards turned) he receives two Crew Bucks. Students who end the day on green (one card turned-warning) receive one Crew Buck. I have a "Banker" every week who is charge of passing out Crew Bucks at the end of the day when we pack. It is the students job to keep up with his/her Crew Bucks as I will not replace any that are lost. We have a store called "The Pit Stop" about every six weeks in which students can spend their bucks. I usually have some kind of juice drinks and snacks/candy for them to buy. I also have two plastic tubs filled with junk collected by my family and students' families that they can purchase from. Last year my mom bought a bunch of different kinds of beads from Wal-Mart and some elastic string to make necklace/bracelet bags. I have bags for boys and girls and they can use the beads and string to make their own jewelry. They cost 15 Crew Bucks and have really been a hit. The most pouplar items in the Pit Stop though are the class coupons. I will type them below along with their prices.
    Treat Jar - 5
    Teacher Tea - 10
    Buddy Lunch - 15
    Sit at Teacher's Desk - 15
    Extra Recess - 20
    Free Time - 20
    Show and Tell - 10
    Bathroom - 15
    No Morning Work - 15

    I also made these coupons using a business card template and clip art. I hope this will help. I'll work on getting the coupons and a copy of the Crew Bucks on my website so that others can view them.

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