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    By Lucy

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    II. Classroom Decor
    1. Dress up classroom windows like a ship's portholes.

    2. Adopt a sea creature/animal for your class or each class and make a banner or cut-out of the creature/animal to hang outside and/or in your room.

    3. Have a "helping hands" octopus showing all the class helpers for the week, i.e. line leader, office messenger, board eraser, etc.

    4. Display a "catch of the day" net. Every time a students is recognized for their good behavior for the day, their name goes into the net. Whoever has their name in the net the most times at the end of the month wins a prize or gains a privilege. This concept can also be expanded to include the student who reads the most books dealing with an ocean theme or books in general.

    5. Display a compass rose on a wall making sure it is pointing in the correct position.

    6. Display a beach scene sometime during the winter months complete with sand, seashells and flora.

    For my "Under the Sea" theme we painted the back of our bulletin board with blue paint which I had poured salt into to make our ocean water. Then we added the caption "Under the Sea", and some octopuses, rainbow fish, and seaweed that we had made. I also took a picture of each child wearing goggles, and inserted the pictures into a scuba diver background!

    I set up my Book Center with child size lawn chairs and a clamp on umbrella. They loved pretending they were at the beach!! I got the chairs at Wal mart for $4.88 and the umbrella was $5.96. I also got a cheap plastic pool and put books in it.

    I got some plastic buckets from the dollar store and put things in them, like: the round container of wet wipes, crayons in the art center, etc...

    If you need to hang a curtain anywhere, they are some really cute, fish, ocean shower curtains available at Target, Wal-Mart, etc.

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