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    re how do you teach
    By teacher from England

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    Not sure what age is 4th grade in your system. I currently teach 7-8 yr olds in our system and use some national materials from a website in the uk. Search for primary National strategy and then look for relevant spelling materials. I have used the Y2/Y3 spelling transition materials and the children's spelling age has gone up by nearly 12 months in only 5 months!The material on this site will give you information from age 5 to age 13/14.
    If you have an interactive white board you will find some good materials that you can download to help with teaching units of work. There is a huge amount of material that has been developed over the last 3 years in England and each local education grid for learning has really good literacy resources. Try looking on a site called and you will find links for all subjects. We took our literacy approach from Australia so they also have some good material. We have one hour blocks and have to do a mixture of word, sentence and text level work in every lesson.I don't envy you a two hour block though. Best of luck.

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