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    Action poems
    By Cathy

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    I just did action poems with my fourth graders but I'm sure you could do them as a shared writing with your grade 1's. They are easy and fun. Here is an example of an action poem:

    Dogs are for hugging after a bad day,
    Dogs are for chasing when you're at play,
    Dogs are for training which can be tough,
    Dogs are for loving, you can't get enough!

    Basically, you choose a topic and think of 4 action verbs with -ing endings. You rhyme the first two and the second two. When we did these, I modeled a few, we did parter readings of the ones I wrote. (They are good for practicing fluency!) Then, we brainstormed a list of topics. We did one together as a shared writing. Then, kids got with partners and wrote one as a team. They had to read it to the class as a team. Finally, they wrote one on their own. Then, they illustrated a border to go around their final written or typed poem. They did an awesome job and it was so easy for me to edit because they're short poems.

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