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    Sound & Vibration
    By Sound & Vibration

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    Hold class outside. Using a clipboard, have the student write down every sound that they hear in fifteen minutes. Then go back into the classroom, form several small groups to make a master list on chart paper, then have the groups share with the class.

    You could also assign small groups of students and have them write down only sounds they hear or know of that only animals make, humans make, machines make, etc. Or assign this as a homework activity: What sounds can you hear from your bedroom window?

    Then, do a science lab about the ear drum and sound vibrations using a toilet paper tube, waxed paper and a rubber band, or put a broken rubber balloon on the tube and blow against a sunlit wall to see the vibrations. Use a slinky to demonstrate how sound travels. Do an experiemnt on how sound travels through different objects. Also, have students hold two fingers to each side of their next and feel the difference in vibration as they make different noises.

    For fun, have one student do a mystery noise once everyday: everyone closes thier eyes while one student shakes a can of pennies, rolls marbles around in a can, shakes a can of spray paint, slurps a drink with a straw, crushes a can, etc. Have kids post sticky notes for guesses on the board. The person who guesses correctly get to bring in and do the next mystery sound.

    Have fun!

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