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    This one is kinda fun, but difficult to explain.

    Get a large posterboard. Then, cut the long edge so that the poster is a perfect square (maybe 3' x 3'). Now, with your perfect square, you will fold it diagonally -- since it is a square, it will not matter which diagonal. Once it has been folded triangularly, fold it once more on the other diagonal (with or without unfolding the first fold). Now, unfold the entire poster. You will see a large X from corner to corner. You will notice 3 of these bends are facing out, while the other fold is facing in. CUT THE SINGLE FOLD FACING IN FROM THE CORNER TO THE MIDDLE OF THE POSTER. Now, overlap these sides that you just cut the fold on, and glue/tape them. This should look like a pyramid (looking in). You will have a base, and two sides on which to write information -- maybe duties on one side, important powers on one side, and important figures on one side --- Your choice. I hope this wasn't too confusing. Repeat this three times and you will be able to convey useful information about the government in a creative way!


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