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    Writing Prompts
    By Mrs. B

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    1st Grade Writing Prompts

    ·If I were invisible I would...
    ·Pretend you brought an alien to show-and-tell. Describe what it looked like and how you met.
    ·Pretend you were captured by an alien and taken to his/her show-and-tell. How would you describe earth to his class?
    ·Describe the sights and sounds at 3:00 (when school is out).
    ·What would you do with a million dollars? List five things you would buy.
    ·Explain what you think life would be like without: plumbing, electricity, cars, windows, air conditioning. On a daily basis, what things would you do differently?
    ·What do you think it would be like to be your favorite animal? Describe a typical day.
    ·Last night, while watching TV, I heard a soft knock on the back door... (finish the story)
    ·What would life be like if you were only six inches tall?
    ·List five uses for a toothbrush.
    ·What is life like for your shoe?
    ·What is life like for your backpack?
    ·If I got locked in the school overnight I would…
    ·Describe how you feel when you are at the dentist's office.
    ·How many places have you lived? Describe the place you remember the most. Pick one room of the house that you remember the most and describe it.
    ·How do you get home from school? What mode of transportation do you take? Describe a typical trip.
    ·Have you ever learned a new skill? Describe what you learned and the effort it took to learn it.
    ·If I could live anywhere I'd live in ________________. Why?
    ·Describe your classroom in detail.
    ·Describe yourself when you are 10 years old.
    ·What was the most memorable moment of last year? Write about that moment or draw a picture of it.
    ·Describe your bedroom. How does it describe you?
    ·Describe a person you admire.
    ·If you were your teacher, how would you treat you?
    ·If you were the teacher, what would you do differently?
    ·Imagine you are stranded on a tropical island with your classmates. You have no supervision, no rules, no leader, no McDonald's etc... How would you choose a leader? What jobs would you need? What rules would you have? What if someone broke the rules?
    ·What if your house caught fire, what would you take with you?
    ·Is it better to give or to receive?
    ·In a letter to your teacher explain your opinion on homework.
    ·Explain in a letter to your classmates your ideas of how to get along with each other on the playground.
    ·You are the principal. Create a detailed list that tells students the procedures for using the cafeteria.
    ·Make an invitation for a book character to come to your home after school. In your invitation describe what you and the character will do until bedtime.
    ·You are going to the grocery store. Help a family member write a memo about all the things you are going to buy.
    ·Think of two desserts. Compare and contrast them in an article for your class newsletter.
    ·In a note persuade your teacher why a student should or should not be allowed to bring an animal to school.
    ·Choose an animal. Pretend you are that animal. In a friendly letter communicate your daily needs to your caregiver.
    ·In a journal reflect on what you want to be when you grow up.
    ·Write a letter to a classmate who was absent. Explain what was missed.
    ·Write a recipe for a class cookbook that describes how you would prepare your creation.
    ·You have read a book. Write an advertisement that persuades a classmate to read the book.
    ·The principal has asked you to create an advertisement describing a teacher you would like to have.
    ·Create a sign using words and pictures that reminds students how to act on the playground.
    ·Imagine you are a bird flying in the air. Write a creative story telling about your adventure to share with your classmates.
    ·Imagine you find a magic seed. For your teacher write a creative story about what happens after the seed is planted.
    ·You are an ant. In a message to a First Grader, tell how it feels to be an ant in a world full of humans.
    ·Pretend you are a loose tooth. In a story communicate to another tooth your feelings about leaving the mouth.
    ·Choose a toy. Imagine you are that toy. In a post card message inform your owner about your life.
    ·Your class is going on a Field Trip. Write a letter to your teacher of what you hope to see.
    ·Using words and pictures create a poster telling your teacher how you see yourself when you are grown up.
    ·In your journal use words and pictures to describe your lunch.
    ·Think about what makes you smile. Using words and pictures create a poster that shows that feeling.
    ·In your journal describe a pet you would like to have.
    ·Write a note to a classmate that describes a toy that you own.
    ·In a letter persuade the cafeteria manager to serve a dessert of your choice.
    ·In a note explain to your family what you want to bring to your class for Show and Tell.
    ·Pretend that you are a 1st grade teacher. Write and describe activities your class would do for the day.
    ·Write a story to your teacher about what you would do on a rainy day.
    ·Imagine you had wings. Draw a picture of yourself and write about your adventures.
    ·Write a personal narrative about an activity you do with your friends at school.
    ·Using words and pictures tell about your family.
    ·What would it be like to have a magician for a teacher?
    ·Create the wackiest teacher you can imagine. Are they human or alien? Is the teacher a clown, a cowboy, a doctor, a famous singer, or something else? Describe a day in class with this unusual teacher.

    Does anyone know a site were i
    ampgt;can get little scenarios that my
    ampgt;1st grade students can write a
    ampgt;small story from.

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