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    By Jess

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    I do buy a couple of boxes of pencils at the beginning of the year that I am willing to give away. I have found them for 44 cents for a box of 24 before school starts (Target). Then I have a cup that students may borrow from. All pencils go in there even broken ones from the floor. Some have no erasers. If my students need one they borrow from there. I fill the box with 12 pencils each quarter and when they are gone they are gone. Students sometimes borrow from each other. They definitely take better care of their friend's pencils then mine. I am in a self-contained third grade class so it's not a problem. I have tried the happy/sad pencil and it did not work for me. My students are allowed 40 minutes to sharpen pencils. Then if they need to after that 40 minutes they owe me a ticket. If they lose theirs and need to borrow one they owe me a ticket. They have laminated tickets with their names. Each student has three. At the end of each week if they still have three tickets they get a treat. They have done a really good job at holding on to pencils and making sure they were sharpened since I started this.

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