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    By Crystal

    Clip to ScrapBook
    -Pin the tail on the bunny (use cotton balls for the tails, draw your own rabbit)
    -Easter egg decorating contest(real or paper egg)
    -Jelly bean sort and graph
    -Mystery Egg- Fill plastic eggs with different items (coins, candy, paper clips, sand, rice, ect
    Students ask yes and no questions to find out what is inside of it.
    -How many words can you make out of "Easter Egg Hunt" Cut out the letters and see which group can come up with the most words in 10 minutes.
    -Egg Toss-Same as the balloon toss except with plastic eggs or real eggs (depends on your preference)
    -Egg spoon relay
    -Scrambled Eggs--put a basket of plastic eggs that are broken apart. On one side put a brainteaser question and the answer on the bottom half. They have to match to get the answers. They usually end up telling everyone the jokes.
    -School Scavenger Hunt-When the students get back from lunch, specials, or recess have a large plastic egg with a clue in it leading to somewhere in the room or around the school. Each time they find a clue. End up at the classroom where a parent has set of the party.
    -decorate Easter cookies
    -make natural dyes for the eggs out of vegetables and fruit (there are websites for this).

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