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    American Revolution
    By Mandy 4th

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    I teach fourth grade so you may want to modify some of these ideas. However, they may match the reading levels of you students.

    I have had students create a power point presentation of two different Revolutionary War figures (not sure if this is a take home project or at school- we did it at school). I found several links with information (but not primary sources) and asked students to use these pages to research. I did this last year with a good deal of success. Then we watched all the power point slides shows like a movie with the creator "talking" about it. We have a firefly that projects images from the computer that I projected on my overhead. Kids loved it.

    Another option is to create an ABC book. Students find a person, place or thing that fits each letter of the alphabet, writes a paragraph and illustrates the page and binds it as a book.

    Or, a shorter project is an Alpha boxes-like activity. Take a large sheet of chart paper and divide it into boxes. Students label each box with a letter of the alphabet and then write one sentence using a Revolution War term (person, place or thing) and then illustrate the box.

    Here is a link to the project that I do on power point if you would like to check it out:

    The website:

    Description of Project:

    Good luck!!!

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