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    By muffy

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    Here are a few ideas:
    Put rice on the speaker of a CD player or radio. They bounce all around.
    The next activity is a lot of fun. I think I got it from AIMS. You draw a lion's head. Run off on oaktag. Cut out, and where the mouth is cut a circle the diameter of a styofoam cup. Put a string in the middle of the cup and leave about 8-10 inches.Tie the end to a paper clip so it doesn't slip out. Then put the cup into the hole. When you pull the string between your thumb and first finger it does sound like a "roar". I always try it before I put it in the lion and the kids can't hear it. But when it is in the lion they can hear the roar. When you put the string in the cup the string should hang down from the bottom of the cup. The paper clip should be inside the cup. I hope I explained this well enough.I just checked and it is from AIMS from the Primarily Physics book. Maybe you could find someone who has it and borrow the pattern. It has some great sound ideas in it.

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