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    Black History Lessons
    By Black History Lessons

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    There's so much to do during February that it definitely floods over into other months:
    1. Carter Woodson
    2. George Washington Bush (1790-1863)
    3. Marjorie Pitter King
    4. Garrett Augustus Morgan
    5. Henry Lewis
    6. George Carruthers
    7. Aretha Franklin
    8. Jan Matzeliger
    9. Horace Cayton
    10 Alexa Canady
    11 Edwin Pratt
    12 CJ Walker
    13 Bessie Coleman
    14 Emmett Till
    15 William Grouse
    16 George Grant
    17 E. Russell "Noodles" Smith
    18 Robert Johnson
    19 Sam Smith
    20 Juneteenth celebration
    21 Bumps Blackwell
    22 John Thomas Gayton
    23 A Philip Randolph
    24 Thomas Jennings
    25 Norbert Rillieux
    26 Benjamin Bradley
    27 Elijah McCoy
    28 Lewis Howard Latimer
    29 Granville T. Woods
    30 Frederick McKinley Jones
    31 David Crosthwait, Jr.
    32 Martin Luther King, Jr.
    and so many many more. Each one is so fascinating and such a good lesson in persistence and self-esteem, working against all odds and education.

    Hope you had half as much fun as I did, putting together quizzes about inventions and their inventors, accomplishments, and even the UGRR. The lessons on the messages through quilts just was so inspiring for all of us: students and assistants. We all enjoyed doing the lessons. Hope you do, too!

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