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    Plot Triangle
    By Mr.L.

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    Hi, I teach plot using fairy tale picture books. The first day we go over the elements of PLOT after I have read a book such as beauty and the Beast or Little Red Riding Hood. We read the story together (read aloud) and then We list the characters, setting, rising action, climax, and falling action and solution. I use a right triangle diagram on the chart paper and list the setting, characters, genre on the base line. On the hypotinuse I list the rising actions in order. Start high and work my way down to the line. Then the Climax is at the top of the triangle. The falling action after the climax is on the other leg of the triangle. Because it is a right trianlgle, the kids think of the words as falling. The solution is written on the the vertex where the base and leg meet. an more questions, email me

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