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    Rev War
    By Mandy 4th

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    To introduce the unit we discuss the words dependence, interdependent and independence as the stages the colonies went through until they became independent from "Mother England." To start this lesson I divide students into small groups. Each group gets a picture of me growing up (they love this) and we put them in chronological order. Then I write up a three column chart. One column is labeled dependence (infant), the other interdependent (teenage) and independence (adult). I have students put the pics in this order, identify with each term. Then they brainstorm in small groups what people do at this age. For example infants can't feed themselves, need someone to care for them. Teenagers are rebellious, can work a job and contribute to the family income, and adults take care of themselves and their own families. I relate this to how the colonies changed. I hope this makes sense.

    The next activity I do is read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. We discuss cause/ effect and how some causes have many effects and chain reactions. Then I give them dominoes and they get to create a "chain of events." Then while they are having fun building, I build a chain as well BUT label it with: the French and Indian War, Tea Act, Boston Massacre and so on. I talk to the kids explain the labels and then knock down the dominoes until they realize the last dominoes is labeled WAR!

    I hope this helps! Sorry for any typos! I have the rest of my lesson plans for the Rev War at

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