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    just finished unit
    By chantal

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    We are just finishing a unit on the circulatory system. Yesterday, the class examined (I skipped the dissection part, didn't want to use scalpels with 5th graders) hearts from deer, pigs, and a cow. The deer hearts I received from a parent in class who hunts and the other 3 hearts were donated by a local grocery store so it cost nothing! The students had a lab sheet and they were able to touch, pick up, poke the hearts to examine them. I had a lab sheet so that they were looking for particular anatomy. We watched a movie by National geographic from 1998 that was excellent at explaining how the heart and blood work. We did jumping jacks and measured pulses, listened with cheap stethescopes. They also create and color a heart with construction paper. If you have no $$ in your budget, you can get things donated, just ask (the hospital donated the surgical gloves!)

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