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    By Becky

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    Write sentences on sentence strips, without punctuation marks. The amount of sent. depends on the lenght you are willing to let the game go on.
    Assign teams (2).
    Assign one student to be the display 'patrol' (the person who holds up the sent. strip)
    Make 2 sets of punctuation marks on 8 x 10 const. paper.

    Place one set of punct. marks in front of each team, (on the floor, board (mag.), desks or where ever the team can get access to it fast).

    Have the student patrol display one sent. strip at a time. The teacher, patrol or monitor can say, "Ready, set, Go!"
    One student from each team has to quickly pick the correct punctuation mark and race to the end of the sent., displaying their end mark. Then they have to explain why they chose the punct. mark.
    You can pick a monitor to check if the team player got the correct answer and keep score or the teacher can be the monitor.

    2. You can also have a cooperative game. Each group of students has to quickly put the correct end mark on a set of sent. (on a handout) within a given amount of time. Number of sent. depends on the lenght of time for each game session.They can each take turns putting a punctuation mark on one sent. or the team can have an assigned writer while the other member of the team call out the answers. Make sure that all teams get the same sent. The team which finishes first and has all the end marks correct wins. You can have a few handouts ready for several game sessions or just play one round. Then you can review their answers and have the st. explain their choices.

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