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    I had a very talkative class. I had a couple of students that could not stop talking. If the class is sitting on the carpet . . I move the students to a chair where they can see but can not talk to their peers. If we are at our seats, they sit on the carpet. The student automatically loses five minutes of their recess if they have to be sent away from the group. If the students continue to disrupt the class they have to go to another teacher's classroom. They lose all their recess ( they are allowed to use the restroom) and I have them call home. I constantly repeat my expectations. I have a quiet signal and I count to five. The students know they must be quiet by the time I get to five. I praise the students when they are sitting quietly. I make positive calls home and send positve notes home when the students worked quietly. I also included more time in my day for students to share with each other . . . author's chair, show and tell. I also included more movement and opportunities to participate in my lesson (students give a thumbs up sign if they agree with the answer).
    I treat poor behavior as I would a student that doesn't know his times tables. He/she needs to learn this behavior. I do not get angry or disappointed. They will eventually learn the correct behavior. I make sure that I give more attention to positive behaviors than negative behaviors. This has been very effective in my classroom.

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