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    Baseball Theme
    By 2sNews

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    Not so much all decorations - but these things could be a help for the room ...

    Art Projects:

    - Not sure how old your students are - but if you have butcher paper - they can trace each others body on paper - then decorate them to look like baseball players - they can hang them around the room.

    - Paper Mache' Baseball

    - Have all the students and parents donate aluminum foil and make a foil baseball - larger than the teachers desk would be your goal for the month.

    - Have your class bring in 2 dollars each, go to a fabric store - get white caps, and have the class decorate the caps to match the baseball team of their choice.

    Language Assignment

    - Have the class write their very own Take Me Out To the Ball Game song - same tune - just make up their own words. These could be placed on a Baseball Theme Board - it could be a DIAMOND shape - like a baseball field with musical notes around it ....

    For a Rules Board

    - Put up Three Strikes YOU are OuT ! with bats on them - for each rule - giving off what the two warnings would be - then the third one gets them whatever your disicipline policy is ...

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