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    Here it Is ! I found it through google :o)
    By Laurie

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    The Presidents of the United States
    By Alice Provensen
    1. First and foremost, Washington, our best beloved President One.
    2. Eloquent Adams, President Two, paid court with letters, postage due.
    3. Thomas Jefferson, number Three, rigged the sale of the century.
    4. Now Madison is number Four. We’re fighting Englishmen once more.
    5. Number Five is James Monroe. He told the world where not to go.
    6. Remember Adams, number Two? Well, Six is Adams’ son, John Q.
    7. And Seven, seven, Jackson, Andy, all those coonskins came in handy.
    8. M. Van Buren, number Eight, "Ate his meals from a golden plate."
    9. Harrison, Nine, went for a ride. He caught a cold, and so he died.
    10. John Tyler, Ten, tenth President, was head of state by accident.
    11. Eleven, eleven, it’s Polk we see, James K. Polk and destiny. Go west, go west, be brave, be bold! The land is free, the hills are gold.
    12. Z. Taylor, Twelve, oh me, oh my. We thought old soldiers didn’t die.
    13. Here’s lucky Fillmore, Ten and Three. His hand now turns the White House key.
    14. Pierce, the Fourteenth White House host, Ate dinner with a White House ghost.
    15. Fifteen, James Buchanan couldn’t keep United States that wouldn’t.
    16. Oh Sixteen, sixteen, Abraham, Lincoln was a union man. Lincoln, Lincoln, Ten and six, betrayed by rogues and lunatics.
    17. Ten and Seven, John, A. They almost took his job away.
    18. Grant, Eighteen, in general he couldn’t order the Presidency.
    19. Nineteen, nineteen, strait-laced Hayes, sober viewpoint, steadfast gaze.
    20. Garfield, Twenty, in a station, departed by assassination.
    21. Oh, Chester Arthur, Twenty-one, deck the halls. Let’s have some fun!
    22. Grover Cleveland, Twenty-two, was honest, good and plenty, too.
    23. Here is Harrison, Twenty-three. He wears the hat of his granddaddy.
    24. Again it’s Cleveland, Twenty-four. It seems there’s always plenty more.
    25. McKinley, Twenty-five, this day was shot to death to his dismay.
    26. Teddy Roosevelt, Twenty-six, whisper softly, wave big sticks. Buy all the land that’s way out there. Go outdoors in your underwear.
    27. Here’s Twenty-seven, big Bill Taft, always graceful, for and aft.
    28. Thoughtful Wilson, Twenty-eight, an honest man to celebrate.
    29. Harding, Twenty-nine, no doubt should have cleaned his Cabinet out.
    30. Silent Thirty Coolidge, Cal, penny-pincher, corporate pal.
    31. Herbert Hoover, Thirty-one, is so depressed by what’s begun!
    32. Thirty-two, Roosevelt, Franklin D., four times thirty-two was he. His terms go on interminably, "That man in the White House" Franklin D.
    33. Truman, Truman, Thirty-three, radiated energy.
    34. Eisenhower, Thirty-four, inconcluded one more war.
    35. Thirty-five, Kennedy, young John F., one more President shot to death.
    36. Lyndon Johnson, Thirty-six, more war, more death, more politics.
    37. Here’s Thirty-seven! Nixon, R., California’s tarnished star.
    38. Gerald Ford, as Thirty-eight, turned down the sound on Watergate.
    39. Modest Carter, Thirty-nine, crossed the Mason-Dixon line.
    40. Reagan, Forty, reached his goal, acting out his favorite role.
    41. Forty-one, Bush, was no one’s fool: In a troubled world, he kept his cool.
    42. Forty-two, Clinton, quick to please, veered left and right and back with ease. A second term he duly won – good luck to him and all to come.

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