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    By Betsy

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    My students have an unfinished work folder they keep at their seats. Any time a student isn't finished with an assignment when it's time to move on to something else they place their work in this folder. They check this folder first if they happen to have any free time later that day. I also require my students to complete unfinshed classwork for homework. Sometimes I make a list of who needs to finish what on a sticky note and sometimes I have the students write their names on the board. The next day they turn in the work with their homework and I can easily mark names off the list to see who didn't turn in the work.

    Homework: I have a checklist divided into 4 days across the top-Monday through Thursday. Underneath each day is a column for each subject: Reading, Spelling, English, Math, Science/Social St. Each morning students staple all homework and put in the homework tray. Then I collect the work from the tray. As I quickly look through the homework I will put a check under each subject in which homework was incomplete. I also use a different color pen each day and put a mark beside the students name so I know that they did turn in their work. That way I can see at a glance who didn't turn in any homework. Each student begins the grading period with a homework grade of 100 in each subject. I deduct five points for each check in each subject for their final grade.
    Also, I give students a sticker for their sticker chart each time they complete all of their homework. When their sticker chart is full I give them a homework pass. They must tell me before going home if they are using the pass. These students will complete their homework the next morning instead of morning work (if the homework was necessary to complete for a grade.) This whole process takes about 10 minutes each morning. I will usually give a student helper the stickers and let them pass them out while I collect snack money and take attendance.
    I hope that I have explained myself clearly. If you have any question please let me know.

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