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    Lesson on Mexican Independence
    By Ms. Hartland

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    I posted earlier about earlier about asking for suggestions on my unit about the Mexican Independence. I am in the process of writing a play with the help of the book La Independencia de Mexico by Sara Gerson and Shulamit Goldsmit and other Internet cites. This is for a third grade class and I have tried to tone down the vocabulary of the play. I could send you my play when I am done writing it, which will be in a while. The play will be written in Spanish.

    Some ideas I had for my unit was.

    I would start off with a lesson that teaches about monarchies by reading a book about a king. Maybe something like Cinderella and discuss this type of government.

    Then I would like to find a book about democracy and discuss this type of government.

    Making a timeline after reading the play based on the dates I referred to.

    I will bring a bunch of supplies and the students will make their own costumes and props for the play.

    Making a trading game that helped students see how difficult it was for the business people living in New Spain to make a profit when the king of Spain had so many restrictions on economic activity.

    I would like them to try to estimate how much supplies the solders will need and make a graph of the weights of the food.

    I wanted them to study part of the poem Cancion del Pirata by Jose de Espronceda and have a discussion about the pirates that stole from the ships on their way from New Spain to Spain. Also, the poem talks about liberty, which will help students, get a better idea of what this is.

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