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    By Betsy

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    My students love to play the game of "Snaps." I think I may have gotten this idea on this board. All players stand. Teacher gives each student a problem (mult., addition, subtraction) and the student has three snaps to say the answer. If the student beats the third snap he remains in the game. If not he sits down. Play three rounds: round one=3 snaps, round two=2 snaps, and round three=1 snap. All players still standing after round 3 are the winners. I'm not sure if this is something you could use or not on math night, but you can atleast use it in your classroom.

    This is another activity my students love. Maybe you can find a way to make it work for math night. Maybe students and parents could work as a team. I give a problem on the board and students have given amount of time to solve on paper. I then walk quickly around the room to see who has the correct answer. If student does have the correct answer I say "point" and she gives herself a tally mark on top of her paper. Each tally mark equals one skittle.

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