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    By sandyH

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    I think it is very difficult for teachers to be "black and white" in a lot of areas. After all, we are teaching young children. Like adults, they show variations in effort and ability. Also, through no fault of their own, they often pick up the bad habits and attitudes of their parents. (Thankfully, most of them pick up the good habits and attitudes instead )
    Anyway, my point is, what do you hope to accomplish by pursuing this issue with the student and parent? You're not going to win this battle. Continue to assign homework to this student. If she does not do it within the given time, require her to complete it during recess or some other free time at school. By pushing this with the parent, you are only going to alienate her further and cause yourself further headaches with her. We have plenty of battles worth fighting and worrying about. To me (and this is just my opinion) this isn't one of them.

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