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    By Donna

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    I am a sped teacher, although I am teaching 1st grade now. I am also the mom of a BP 13 year old son.

    First, there is no "blood test." Just like ADHD, any diagnosis is based on observations and how it relates to the DSM-IV.

    Second, if the child is great in school, hooray! One less battle, but the child may be raging uncontrollably at home due to relieving stress or anxiety.

    Third, to ease your own anxieties, visit the gold standard of information at
    You do not have to be a member, but it's free and allows you access to other sites. There'sa wealth of information, including an on-line pamphlet called "Educating the BiPolar Child."

    Remember that you are dealing with the "whole" child (as is the mom.) The mom needs to celebrate school success and you need to understand that this child's life is more than just 6 hours a day with you. If she's a screaming lunatic at home, perhaps it's becuase the school day is too stressful. Not by anything you are doing, just too many kids, too many rules, too much noise, too many transitions, too many smells, etc.

    You have already given this mother a gift: you enjoy her child, and want to find out more! There's also the Gold Standard of books called "The Bipolar Child." It's written by Dimitri Papolous (sp). It's big, but an easy read with a big section on education. I have it, but rely on the bpkids website for support and information. Suggest it to the mom!

    Hope all this helps-

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