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    weather fun
    By deb

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    Lots of fun activities for weather-
    General activies: Read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and then write your own class book version.
    Water cycle: Use a pot of boiling water and a cold pot lid to demonstrate the water cycle.
    Clouds: Read It Looked Like Spilt Milk and then make white paint blot pictures. Kids can add sentence starter-It looked like.... (another fun class book!)
    Tornadoes: Use a salad spinner with round pieces of paper inside. Drop red, blue and yellow paint on the paper, close lid and spin away! Cool spin-art design helps to explain forces inside a tornado.
    Wind: Create a chart of the wind force scale and then graph each day's wind strength for a month. (Great for the month of March!) OR read Gilberto and the Wind. Then list wind's helpful and harmful effects. (Another great class book.) OR Make a wind vane out of a spool, wooden dowel, and paper.
    Rainbows: Create a rainbow with a shallow bowl of water, a mirror, and some sunshine. OR Make rainbow jello using a small layer of each rainbow color - add a Cool Whip cloud on top! OR teach the colors of the spectrum with a funny character called ROY G BIV. We make a face and use paper the colors of the spectrum for hair.

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