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    addition games
    By lisa

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    Several quick and easy addition games can be found using an ordinary deck of cards. Have one deck per 2 students. Take out the face cards if you teach a primary level. Have your students choose a partner. Students will shuffle the deck and pass the cards out evenly between them forming 2 piles. The cards should be facing down. To begin the game, each student will simultaneously flip one card over. The first student who adds the two cards correctly receives them. Students can continue playing until they go through the deck once, or until someone wins all the cards. Another (slightly difficult) version is to yell out how many more it would take to make the highest card. An example would be: Student 1 flips over a 9, Student 2 flips over a 4. The first to yell 5 would win the cards. There are many more games that you can play using cards - be creative.
    Another quick game I play with my entire class is called, Climb The Mountain. I have this on paper, but you can do it on the board easily:

    Rule +2 Starting Number = ______

    10. _____
    9. _____
    8. _____
    7. _____
    6. _____
    4. _____
    3. _____
    2. _____
    1. _____

    Show students the Rule +2. Make sure they know they will be adding 2 to each new number they make. Do not give them the starting number until everyone is ready to begin. When everyone is ready , write the number 7 on the line. students will start at #1 and write the number 7. For #2 they should write 9, #3 they should write 11, and so on until they climb the mountain to the top. The winner is the first one to correctly climb it. I personally give prizes out to the top three. I number the papers as they come in and I take the first three correct papers no matter how long it took them to get it in to me. Everyone has a chance that way, and no one gives up. Believe it or not, I often end up giving the prizes to the last students to turn it in. They usually take their time and get them all right. Change the Rule and the Starting Number each time. You can revise this as needed for subtraction (goes downhill), multiplication, and division.
    I hope this helps.

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