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    By guggy

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    I created a game board using poster board. It is set up like monopoly only the spaces are addition avenue, presidential parkway, etc. There are also chance and Community Lunch Box instead of comm. chest. There is also a space called brainbinder, free parking, mystery prize, instead of jail there is the school bus and a go directly to the schoolbus space as well as a go space. Each Friday kids who have completed homework every day get a chance to take their turn. I found small wooden "tiny treasures" at AC Moore and put magnets on the back. These are the game pieces. Students have the same piece all year. They roll dice and move around the board. When they land on addition avenue for example they must answer a simple addition question. Most spaces are review spaces where I can get in a quick review of different topics already discussed. Brainbinders are a maze or similar puzzle to complete as a class or individually. They get a small prize when they pass go. We don't use any money for anything. And the comm. lunch box/chance are usually rewards like eat lunch in the room, have special sharing time, etc. but they can also be things like move back 3 spaces or something like that. You can adapt it to fit your classroom.

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