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    First offense?
    By teachingmom

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    Was this the first time you taught your son in class or was it just the first time he was misbehaving for you in class? If this was his first time being in your class, maybe he was just testing you. If this was his first time misbehaving for you in school, was he maybe just showing off? How many parents have you had a conference with where you told them how wonderful their child was and they responded with "He is never like that at home. I'm glad he's so good at school for you!" I think most kids are more difficult for their parents than their teachers. He probably sees you as Mom and not teacher.

    My daughter attends the same school I teach at and it is very trying at times now that she is in the grade I teach (third). Her teachers have always told me how quiet and good she is in class. But when we get together outside of school, she is no longer the angel she was in school. My friends that teach with me always tell me "I've seen her with you and she's nothing like that for us."

    I agree with the idea that your child getting some special priveleges at school is a perk that comes along with you teaching there. After school I let my daughter get a snack out of the teachers' lounge if I am working late. But I have to miss out on her class parties and Open House since I teach at her school. It all ends up being even.

    As for the spanking, I don't think there is anything wrong with occasional spankings. I can respect that some people use that form of discipline. We all do what we think is right and best for our children. If we thought it was wrong, would we still do it? Of course not. I used to be very uncertain about spanking and always saw both sides of it. Some kids need it and some don't. I think you should read a book by Dr. James Dobson titled "The Strong Willed Child." He brings up some very interesting points about spanking. I know that I am not as anti-spanking after I read this. I don't want to get too far into that issue, but I wanted you to know that there are teachers out there that still believe in some of the "old school" methods of discipline. My district also paddles, but I too, would never lay a finger on a student. It is different with your own children. Just wondering if the anti-spankers were abused as children or have children of their own????

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