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    games etc?
    By gh

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    I have not substituted for special ed, but have had to "wing it" a bit in other classes. Here are some ideas, depending on how profoundly challenged the students are.


    Interview a friend and tell about them (helps w/ public speaking)

    Charades (with vocabulary words, maybe?)

    Category game--think up various categories, such as sports teams, presidents, states, etc. and pick letters of the alphabet, and as teams they have to come up w/ a word for each category. Example, letter R sports-raiders, president-Roosevelt, state Rhode Island

    Write a simple autobiography

    Unscramble words

    Put words in alphabetical order

    Make graphs together of people's favorite ice cream flavor, sports team, color etc.

    Spelling Bee

    I don't know if these ideas will help, but I keep a list just in case I do go somewhere and there are no plans. So far that has not been the case, and usually there isn't enough time to get everything done in a quality way, but I hope these ideas will help. If they are profoundly handicapped, then I don't know what you would do.

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