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    Not really...
    By Jill

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    My supervising teacher did leave the room when it was time for me to take over, unless she had to be there to evaluate my lessons. She spent her time conducting evaluations on students, teaching special education, and revising her lesson and unit plans. It is unfortunate, because I paid full university tuition to take my student teaching, and did not get paid for my work in the classroom- and I did as much as any teacher in the school! However, the teacher recognized that she was very particular and the students reacted differently when she was in the room. With her out of the classroom, I was able to run things my way without her interference (not necessarily that she interfered, but the kids would always run to her when she was there). For awhile, I was overwhelmed, but I soon recognized that I learned a lot more when she wasn't in the room. She was never far from the classroom (due to liability, she had to be there available in case something happened) and at the end of my interning, she handed over copies of all the units she had been working on during my time in the classroom! I do think interns should get paid, but I learned a lot more during my interning than others did. Some cooperating teachers even planned lessons for their interns! I was on my own and now I am happy that I was!

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