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    reading groups
    By michele

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    Well, I can tell you what I do, though it may not work with your children.

    I have my students broken down into 5 groups (I have 1 hour 15 minutes for reading). I have my kids rotate through stations and they have specific assignments that MUST be completed before they are allowed to recess. (they turn in their papers to me, and I use them to dismiss for recess.)

    My stations are:
    Me...I work with groups for 15 minutes.

    seatwork: I give the kids seatwork that takes about 15 minutes give or take

    computer...students work on Lexia/ or another reading program for 15 min.

    My aide...students work with my aide for 15 min. When she is gone, they listen to a book on tape, or buddy read.

    seatwork...students get seatwork from my assistant, or when she is gone, they get another sheet from me.

    I know it sounds horrid, but really it doesn't take much effort. I know where each group is, and as for worksheets, I put them in a folder for my high group, and as I use them I pass them down through the other groups folders.

    Kids know that they aren't to talk during reading rotations, and when they are done they can always listen to a book at their desk (they are on walkmans) or read quietly. Generally, once the kids realize that they miss recess if they don't finish their work, they make sure they get it done, so I don't have too many management issues. When I do, they write their name on the board and stay in for 5 min. with their head down.

    hope this helps!


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