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    By Sharon D. W-L

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    Try for books that you can afford and also meet the needs of other levels, plus I send these booklets home b/c they are paper copies. Then you can try and build up other levelled books through a book order or with parent donations... Do you have a school library? See what they have. Or check with the public library and mention that you are a new teacher you could uses these books in the classroom but I wouldn't send any home. See if other teachers have books you could borrow at a certain time of the day instead of buying your own or trade with a teacher from another school.

    I too use "Round Robin Gudied Reading" the first few month of grade 1 otherwise we'd never get a chance to read! I know that it's the "wrong" way to do Guided Reading... However, my lower students need this environment - I think - to build their confidence and experience. I am now ready to really jump into Guided Reading the "right way" and I will be left alone most of the time to do this properly now that we have routines in place and the lower students have had some success and picked up a few strategies to help them out when I'm not there for them.

    If you can get a volunteer parent/adult to read with all students then do it! Yes you want it for the lower ones but the average and higher readers need to have this support sometimes too. See if you can borrow a few older students from grade 2 or 3 to read one-on-one in the hall or a corner while you are still in the classroom. I did this with my grade 2/3 students and their grade 8 Reading Buddies twice a cycle last year and this way only a few students are out in the hall at a time and the others are working quietly or reading alone for a while or meeting with the taecher for one-on-one. I have not yet had an opportunity to set this up for my first graders this year but do hope to do it by January. I am lucky to have a Dad who has offered to come into my classroom to volunteer this year. Last year I had no parent volunteers.

    Remember we work with what we have! And we do the best we can with what we have!


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