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    Managing Your Time
    By Kristie

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    It is CRUCIAL that you set a plan for time management and then stick to it!! Don't let school overrule your life, even when you're student teaching, which is the most stressful time. I am a 3rd year teacher, so I can relate to your stress level! Here are some tips that may help:

    1. Set a time to LEAVE school, and stick to it!! Unless I have a meeting, I ALWAYS leave by 5:00 and don't take any work home during the week. The evening is my time to be a wife and a mother, 2 things that are more important to me than my "teacher" role.

    2. Tackle the most pressing things FIRST. When my students leave I first get things ready for the next day (materials laid out, copies made, homework and date written on the board, etc.) If I walk into my room in the morning and things are not ready, this just makes me more stressed. After things are ready for the following day I spend the rest of my time doing other things like grading papers, putting up displays, planning.

    3. Use parent volunteers! Parents are eager to help....just ask them! They may not be able to come in, but many will do things at home like put packets together, grade papers, cut things out, etc. This is a big time saver. I have a parent that comes in weekly and files, grades papers, and puts up displays for me. I have 2 more that do things at home.

    4. If possible, plan with a team member. This cuts your planning time down A LOT and helps you come up with good ideas.

    5. "Steal" ideas from others! I don't have the time or the interest in coming up with "origional" lessons like I thought I was supposed to as a student teacher. Use things others have done before....just ask, most teachers are more than willing to share their ideas. Also check out publications like Mailbox or the internet for ideas, they have some great, creative lesson ideas.

    6. DOn't try to be perfect, no one is. Do your best, but don't kill yourself in the process. No matter how hard you try or work, you could always be better, we can ALL be better. Just keep working and keep learning as you go, it wil come to you. HAVE FUN!


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