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    games my students like
    By BeaJay

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    My third graders love to play fly swatter games on the board. [Project a bingo type grid with vocabulary or math problems, a player from each team swats the correct answer.] We also play 'OUCH' [pringles can with strips of questions, a team member answers, get a point if correct, puts the card back if incorrect, if they pull an OUCH card they loose their points, OUCH!] We also play 'KABOOM' [exactly the same as ouch but with different colored cards, they really do not even seem to notice that they are the same game]. They love to play 'Be an EGGS-pert'. [Questions are on slips of paper placed in the small plastic Easter eggs, as a team answers correctly they place their egg in their egg carton, first team to get a dozen are the EGGS-perts; especially good as a test review] I also play BUZZ [Each student has two cards with pictures of a bee on one and flower on the other, when I say a statement that is true they hold up the flower, but if it is false they hold up the bee card, BUZZ and sting me!] I use the games with all subjects.

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