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    (((( Hugs )))))
    By Doni

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    First - a hug. We have all been there. I don't know anyone who didn't think about quitting their first year. It is overwhelming. The paper work gets easier, and the longer you teach, the less of your summers are tied up in inservice. That said, being at a Title 1 school, you will always face pitiful situations. It's just the kids we get. I know. I am in my third year at a Title 1 school, and I am about ready to return to a "normal" school. We have a lot of kids like the one your describe. I have one in my class that has been in and out of our school 4 times since last January. When rent comes due, and mom can't pay it, she has to move in with different relatives - in other districts. The kid has been moved back and forth so much he is years behind. I always get the school social worker involved in cases like these. When a child is that far behind from moving, I believe that someone outside the classroom has to get involved. A lot of times there will be neglect issues. We have started screening of this one child 3 times now, and he has never stayed long enough to completely finish the process. It is frustrating, but the school social worker has now gotten DFCs involved, so the process will be finished this time.

    Hang in there as best you can.

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