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    Teaching Without A License
    By Mary

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    I know that this is a touchy subject, because circumstances are different for many people. However, I ran up against this issue last year when I was looking for my first classroom teaching position, which has me feeling that everyone should be required to be certified to teach. If they aren't certified, the school system should make them become certified to hold on to their job.

    My experience:
    I was working in a p/t position in an elem. school with another girl who did not have a license. She did have a Bachelor's degree, but did not do her student teaching before graduation. She elected to skip ST and not be certified by the state, because she was homesick. Anyway, last year she suddenly decided to write our state's dept. of ed. and find out what else she needed to become certified. Since it had been a while since she had graduated and requirements change, she need a history class, a math class, an education class, her student teaching, and to pass PRAXIS I & II. They gave her a provisional license with her knowing she had to meet all the requirements in 3 yrs when the provisional license expires. Well, she went back to school and was taking the education class and that's all she worried about. She started going to job fairs and bugging the pants off of school systems stating that she was already in the education field and she ONLY lacked a few things to get her license. She explained it to the school systems that she need a F/T classroom position to offset her student teaching (because she does not think she needs student teaching). She also mentioned in front of me that she deserved the next position coming open in the school, because she had already been in the school system for 2 years and it was her turn to have her own classroom. This rubbed me the wrong way because she was not licensed, had only bothered to take one of the classes the state said she needed, had not even tried to take a PRAXIS test, and the big one -- did not feel ST was important. Well, I witnessed her teaching (and I am not perfect and am not teacher of the year), but she needs to have student teaching. I think everyone needs student teaching. It prepares you and lets you get in the classroom to see what having your own class is like. I would have really struggled if I had not taken student teaching.

    Sorry this so long, but I guess you can say that I feel teachers should be certified. It takes away from the certified teachers who worked so hard to get that precious certificate.

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