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    I do this yearly
    By Trish

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    I have my students do this yearly when we discuss food webs and food chains. I doubt if it really matters where you get the pellets from. I have purchased my own when I was the only science teacher and now have used pellets at my school that were ordered by someone else. All are fine. Just check out the size, you dont want too small of one.

    I don't have my kids reconstruct the skeletons and I teach 7th grade. It is just too hard, too many bones are missing or too small. I give my students a bone identification chart and have them identify the bone. It has 3 possible animals and actual pictures of the different bones (ex. skull, scapula, etc) then they glue the bone onto cardstock and label it. Their mini poster must have a title and include a minimum of 10 bones that are identified by the animal and name of the bone.
    Then I give them a handout that shows all the possible animals, including an owl, in the owl's food web and they have to color, cut out and reconstruct the web for me correctly. It takes 3 days to do.
    1 day for the actual dissecting.
    day 2 for making the mini poster
    day 3 for the food web
    I hang the bone posters and food webs in the hall. I usually do this right before open house so the parents' can see their work.

    Hope this helps

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