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    By Kelly K

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    We did leaves this week...
    We made simple "leaf explorer" hats...
    The kids cut out assorted fall colored leaves to glue on a long strip of construction paper which I stapled to fit on their heads.

    Then we went outside to "hunt" for leaves"
    Each child had a plastic bag and we sang...
    A leaf-hunting we will go
    A leaf-hunting we will go
    Hi ho the derrio
    A leaf-hunting we will go

    Then we came in and counted how many leaves we found. Since it would have been too time consuming to accurately count who found the most, we made piles at our table and everyone got to go stand by the table that looked like it had the biggest pile. The winners were quite pleased with themselves!!

    Then we took those leaves and made some art. I came across the book "Look What I Did With a Leaf!" by Morteza E. Sohi and showed the kids the ideas of making an animal using leaves. We did not have the assortment of leaves that those in the book had,so we used scissors to cut our bigger leaves down to smaller leaves to use for eyes, etc. The stems are good for whiskers. One student made a butterfly and crinkle up leaves to glue on for spots on the wings. Adorable!! Some of the boys did trucks, cars, etc. Adorable project!!

    HAve Fun!!

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