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    rounding rhyme & games
    By Chris

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    Use this little rap or rhyme:

    Underline the digit
    Look next door
    If it's 5 or higher
    add one more
    If it's 4 or lower
    just ignore.

    They look to the Right neighbor next door if they want to get the rounding right.
    Don't look to the left neighbor

    Most importantly tell them why we round - to estimate and to compute with numbers more easily. Give them the example of ordering books from a book order. If parents give them $15 to spend and they want books that cost $4.95, $2.95, and $6.95, do they have enough dough?

    Have kids act out rounding at the front of the classroom. Make cards with one digit on one side and make it one digit higher on the other side. Give each kid a zero card as well. Shuffle them around, asking them to round to various place values. They can chant the rap as they decide how to round.

    Imagine kids holding the numbers:
    5 4 7 8
    Teacher of students says "Round to the tens place."
    The person holding the 7 turns it over to an 8 and the 8 holds up the zero card. 5 & 4 stay the same.

    They can also play a rounding game with partners.
    Each player draws blanks to represent up to the millions place (good check to see if they know) and a reject box. So 7 blanks and a reject box. Roll a 0-9 die. Players place the same die roll in any blank they strategically choose. They may reject one number. Once you place, you may not erase!!!
    Player with highest number wins. Then ask them to round to a specific place value. Play for the lowest value too.

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