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    By Amy

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    It's funny because I am also just about ready to start teaching a communities unit to my second grade class. I am a student teacher right now in the last term of my education program. I am planning on teaching a few lessons on rural and urban communities. I am going to read a book or have them watch a movie relating to city life and then have kids brainstrom what kinds of objects/people/businesses/facilities are in cities such as skyscrapers, lots of cars, hospitals...etc. I will write student suggestions on the whiteboard and may add a few of my own. Then I am planning on having students choose on of the one of the items that we came up with or another item that is located in a urban community and have them illustrate a picture and write the word under the picture. Then I will make a poster and title it something like Urban Community and I will hang up students work on one half of the poster. I plan on doing a very similar lesson for rural communities and then I will use the other half of the poster/bulletin board and title it Rural Communities and hang students work. The next lesson I plan on comparing and contrasting the two by teaching them what a venn diagram is and then as a class learning the similarities and differences of rural and urban communities. I would also like to do a lesson relating to a surburban community, but I'm not sure how. I also would like to do a few lessons on "Communities throughout the world" and do a lesson from each of the different continents excluding Antartica. Any suggestions PLEASE post them. Hope this helped.

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