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    Spelling Survivor
    By Chicago Teacher

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    I had the same problem last year, so I developed "spelling survivor". I had the kids line up and each would spell one letter in the given word. Whoever completed the spelling word drew a popsicle stick with a student name on it from a cup that I held. That student was "voted off the island". Then we would continue. Kids were also "voted off" if they said the incorrect letter on their turn (either because of misspelling or not paying attention). Last student left would be named "spelling survivor". I like this game for 2 reasons - 1= there is chance involved, so the smartest kids in the class don't always win; 2= even though it sounds like a sort of dumb game, the kids got really into it. the boys would cheer if a girl's name was chosen, and the opposite. it was sort of fun to watch. *Also, I varied whether or not they would be out if they drew their own name or if they would choose again. Sometimes they would be out (and their reaction to "voting themself out" could be hilarious), sometimes we would only go to that when there were 2 students left.

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