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    By Phoenix Teacher

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    Consistent Procedures-Kids want to be good and do what is expected of them but maybe they just don't know what or how to behave. Make it VERY Clear. I teach 6th grade and sometimes I feel like i'm overdoing it, but it is totally working because they are so much better than last year (Last year was my first year)

    Anyways, role play what you want. have them show you what the room should look like and sound like. and don't teach until they're ready. you have to give up so much time in the beginning but it is worth it.

    when you do group activities (really any activiites), make a t chart on the board with "looks like" on one side and "sounds like" on another side. Ask, what should the room look like when we're doing this? What will I SEE you doing. Then the same for sounds like, "What will the room sound like? What kind of vocabulary will i hear you using?"

    I hope this helps. Last year I felt like there was this huge grey area for, I wasn't sure about procedures for teachers so my procedures for the kids were very vague. But now, it's great. It's black and white and my classroom management is so much better. you'll see what I mean soon, but for now, just get clear procedures in place and be VERY Consistent.

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