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    By Rebecca

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    Poetry- My students keep a poetry spiral(notebook). I give them a copy of a poem each Monday. I display it in a pocket chart too. We use this all week (they illustrate it, color code it [by rhyming patterns, repetition, etc.] ). We choral read it, echo read it, have one half of the room read part, then the other half, alternate lines, etc. We read it a lot all week and they have to have a certain amount of signatures on the back by Friday showing that they have read it that many times outside of class. By Friday, they have to read it to me. Then the poem (strips from the pocket chart) goes into the Poetry Center.

    We also read the poems from the weeks before. Sometimes they choose, sometimes I choose. Sometimes we go back and read them all together, in our small groups, with a partner, etc. This is a favorite!

    Read Around- This is not exactly Round Robin. I give them a paragraph or page. They tag it with a sticky note. They get to practice it to themselves several times BEFORE they read it to the group.

    Reader's Theatre- Another FAV! This does NOT require props or costumes. The students get a script on Monday. They have all week to practice it. On Friday, they read to the class. One thing you might try is to have stands (like music stands) for them to put their scripts on. I usually find plays that will involve a third or a half the class at a time(I only have 17). I might make the sets so we perform it two or three different times, or sometimes I give each group a different script. There are some good scripts on line. Lisa Blau is one site that has a lot.

    Radio Reading- I have a play microphone to use. This works best in small group (at least for me it does). Each student performs a text that they have practiced and had a chance to rehearse. One reader takes on the role of an annoucer the others are listeners. Then the next student takes his turn. I usually use small passages for this.

    Hope these help.

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