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    By Fran

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    Your student does not have 'dyslexia' if she is not having trouble reading. The term 'dyslexia' literally means, 'not reading'. What your student has is reversal problems. This is not something to be very worried about at age 6. If it continues to age 71/2 or 8, then I would worry. If you can spend a little one on one time with the child, you can concentrate on one letter at a time that she reverses and give her a stratagy to remember how to make that letter. For 'b', I drew a girl bouncing a ball. The girl was to the left and the ball was on the floor to the right. Then by tracing around the girl and the ball, it formed a 'b'. When writing 'b', I would say , "Make the girl first and then give her the ball." For 'd', it was a drum and a drummer.

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